Sponsors, Support, Collaborators, and Cooperators

Numerous organizations and individuals have worked with us to learn about mountain lions, and spread the word about these amazing animals! Either through providing funding, footage, research, or access to land, they’ve helped create the foundation for the series. A big THANK YOU to those who have already contributed so much to the project!

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UC Davis wildlife health center

California Mountain Lions is a project based out of UC Davis’ Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center. As the distributer, UCD has made this series possible through spreading the word and establishing an audience.

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Mountain lion foundation

The Mountain Lion Foundation, based out of Sacramento, has provided funding and equipment to the series. They are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of mountain lions all across the United States.

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Cougar connection

Headed by Vicki Long, Cougar Connection is a main sponsor for the project. Vicki is a long standing supporter of mountain lion research and has been with the series since the beginning. Thank you, Vicki!

Thank you to the following who provided footage, funding, collaboration, or cooperation for the series and mountain lion research overall.

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